Angela is a go-getter and never shies from an assignment. She’s great on social media and did a great job helping some of our Facebook pages for our Patch sites grow rapidly in fans. She is flexible and can turn on a dime when needs change and she does it all with good humor and a can-do spirit.

Kurt Greenbaum, Regional Editor at Patch.com (AOL)

Angela works on many levels and with a wide range of skills. She’s a great writer and editor, and she understands the critical aspects of online content writing. In other words, she’s not just a writer, she knows how to communicate effectively to audiences in the digital era. She’s technically accomplished at building interactive websites, a skill I never failed to be blown away by. Angela is also a very strong leader. She’s a a tour de force.

Linda Bryant, Correspondent at Tennessee Municipal League

“Angela is a consummate professional with a knack for all things writing-related.  She not only understands the passionate and creative side of writing, but she also has the business and marketing acumen of a Madison Avenue professional.  I have worked with Angela on my writing projects, and her support translated into a surge of newcomers to my website.”

Mike Angley, Author of The Child Finder Trilogy

“I retained Angela Atkinson as a contracted writer to help me with an enormous writing project.  She has been tasked with writing unique articles specific to a number of allied health professions as they relate to specific states.  The writing project has called upon her to research detailed information about the educational and experiential prerequisites for entering the profession, the educational requirements, and the certification and licensure requirements both on a state and national level.  Angie has been gracious, professional, and receptive to feedback.  Her research is strong and her writing is stellar as she brings something unique and interesting to every article she has written.  I look forward to continuing to work with her.”

Ashley Boyce, XYZ Media

“Angela Atkinson is knowledgeable, professional and very, very smart. If you need a freelance writer who can get the job done, call Angie!”

Ellen Meister, Author of The Smart One and Secret  Confessions of the Applewood PTA

“Angie took my pretty decent looking freelance writer website and turned it into a great looking site. I am so impressed, I keep looking at it! 🙂 It looks so professional, and I am so pleased. After I provided a few suggestions, I told Angie to go with her gut on design and she delivered. I think clients will be very impressed when they see it, and that’s what counts. Great job, Angie!”

Pam Houghton, Freelance Writer

“Angela does copywriting for me and maintains my company’s blog and website. She has literally created a presence for the company on the web. Angela has never missed a deadline and since she started blogging for us, we have been voted a favorite place on Google! I highly recommend her work.”

Joe Wilson, Owner of  Joe’s Affordable Tree Service, Ballwin, MO

Angie is a fantastic writer, not only did she correctly capture me as a person, but my business. The article was very well written and to this day I show it off to family, friends, and clients.

Johnna Bowker, JB Photography, Bethalto, IL

“Angie wrote an article about my client Sitters.com for the Examiner.com site and I found her to be professional, patient and enormously helpful during that process. She wrote a compelling piece about how CEO Mike Cravens founded the site and what it offers today’s busy parents.”

Anne Bentley, Founder, SocialBuzzPR

“I had a great time with Angie working on the series she wrote.  She was concise, thoughtful and wrote a very balanced informative article.  I would love to do it again!”

David Hansey, Personal Trainer, 4FitBodies.com

“This was the first series of interviews I had done and it was actually quite fun. I put together some content for the Q&A’s and I think they came out well and so did many of the readers that follow my personal training blog. Angie was easy to work with and the results were very professional. Would gladly contribute more if the need arises.”

Clayton Webber, Personal Trainer, The Fit Dimension

“Angela is a delight to work with. We’ve worked together on several projects. She always remains professional and pulls more than her weight during a project. She brings new ideas and unique techniques into projects. I am confident whenever I work with Angela I will be satisfied with the outcome.”

Alyssa Ast, Co-Founder of The WM Freelance Connection

Angie is a talented and dedicated writer with the ability to touch people’s emotions. She wrote about my business and I posted the article for my customers to read. The responses were overwhelming. I got dozens of heart touching compliments. Thank you very much, Angie Atkinson.

Jason Pierce, Owner of Semient Custard, Overland, MO

Angie was great to work with! She asked all the right questions and captured the essence of Belladue.com.  Once the article hit online, traffic to the site increased and so did sales.

Nikki Hickman, Owner, Belladue.com

I interviewed Angela about being a writer while doing a research paper for a college composition class.  I learned an incredible amount from her during that time and she has continued to be a great source of knowledge and support to me.  Angela is a highly intelligent, professional and wonderful person to work with.

Jennifer Fulks, Freelance Writer