If mornings are a rush in your household, then you might consider
safety a vital aspect of your coffeemaker purchase. Some of these
appliances do not have automatic shut off elements, so if you rush
out the door to a meeting and remember that you left the coffeepot on
in the middle of rush hour traffic, you’re out of luck.

Not all automated shut off features are the same. As you’ll read in
my Waring CMS120 Professional 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
review, most machines have a standard two-hour shut off time.

But some machines (like the Cuisinart) let you choose the shut off time,
and some have no option for it at all.

Aside from safety, cleaning is an important element when choosing
which brand and model of coffeemaker to buy. Cleaning (or lack of
cleaning) can greatly affect the taste of your coffee.

Some of the machines have automated self cleaning features built
into them. Others have you do it on your own, with a mix of water
and vinegar.

And if you’re prone to forgetting when to clean out your appliances,
then you might appreciate the models that have a reminder to alert
you when it’s time to hit the self-cleaning selection.

See if the Waring model meets your needs and find out how it compares
to the Cuisinart model, too.