While taste and features rank first in what consumers consider
when buying a coffeemaker, that may not be true for all people.
Cost is another factor that decides whether you’ll get one brand
or model over another.

Cost is a funny issue when it comes to coffee. There are some people
who will forego many things to be able to purchase their Starbucks
each morning. Others just need a little dose of caffeine and since
taste and features take a backseat, price is their number one concern.

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
is the best combination of quality taste and pricing that you can get.
It’s less expensive than the other brands and models because it offers
fewer features.

It doesn’t look or perform like it’s priced. In fact, as you’ll read in the
review below, the Mr. Coffee brand might be all you need if you’re
not picky about options and perks.

Coffeemakers come in a wide range of price points. You can get some
under $10 that are really not worth investing in, and some that are
hundreds of dollars and chock full of features.

Remember, there’s no shame in being someone who just wants a
decent tasting cup of coffee at a reasonable price. Just like there’s
nothing wrong with considering coffee your luxury splurge of the

All of us are different, and you have a lot of coffeemaker models
to choose from to meet your personal needs.