In this episode of Go Ask Angie, I answered a viewer question relating to narcissists and how they affect their children.

“YouTuber August Greenwell said: Could you please explain a bit more about the effect of “kid issues” and how they relate to one becoming narc-bait? And could birth order play a component? Thanks ahead of time, Augs”

Most of us are already aware that narcissistic parents refuse to respect or even acknowledge their children’s desires.

If you’re co-parenting with a narcissist, for example, you may watch him or her promise your kids the world, in order to get what he/she wants from them, and then refuse to honor the promises. He may even directly blame the kids for his refusal, such as inventing a reason to punish them.

The kids of a narcissist are often forced to miss out on events like birthday parties, little league games or other activities that are important to them in order to accommodate the narcissistic parent’s wishes.

And before long, if you’re co-parenting with a narcissist, your children will learn that what they want is just not important.

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