50 Things About Angie

  1. My name is Angela Atkinson. My friends call me Angie. You can too.
  2. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is check my email and social media accounts.
  3. I’m driven to help other people pursue their passions and create the life they want.
  4. I’m a die-hard PC user who respects your right to a Mac.
  5. I’m a journalist, a writer, an editor and a huge logophile. I am also a certified life coach and an author. Yep, I’m kinda busy sometimes. But I LOVE it!
  6. I’m five feet tall and totally OK with that.
  7. I am a total fashionista, but since I sometimes need to shop in the juniors section to find things that fit right, it’s a challenge–especially since I’m still shaped like a real woman. Add that to the fact that I’m on a budget (like many people these days) and that I have high-end tastes, and you get a very creative shopper. Sometimes I even blog about my fashion geek antics at QueenBeeing.com.
  8. I’m a St. Louis girl. I was born here, left for a long time, and then came back. Have been in the area since 1998.
  9. I’m not really into politics but able to discuss them intelligently.
  10. If I do happen to feel passionately about a political issue, you know it’s serious.
  11. I really believe that every single person alive has the ability to create the life of his or her dreams.
  12. I’ve written several books, and a few have even been published.
  13. I’m married and the proud mom of three particularly amazing kids.
  14. I love to sing and dance. I didn’t say I was good at it. But I do it. Sometimes in the car. Yes, I’m that crazy lady who sings at stoplights. I don’t even care.
  15. Sometimes I’m so into my work, I forget to eat.
  16. As a child, I could never understand why so many people used to call me “Grace” when my name was clearly Angela. I learned later it was due to my extremely questionable ability to carry ANYTHING full of stuff without spilling.
  17. I lost more than 100 pounds a couple years ago, and it wasn’t due to surgery. I did it the old-fashioned way.
  18. I’m very into what I do for a living, and I’m grateful every day that I can do what I love. It doesn’t so much feel like work. I blog about it at OnlineWritingPro.com.
  19. I’m the founding editor and Chief Bliss Officer of an online media, marketing and publishing company called BlissFire Media.
  20. I’m not scared of the dark in familiar places. But I’m a little bit afraid of the dark in new or unfamiliar places.
  21. I have written a few books. You can see the most current list at BooksAngieWrote.com.
  22. I’m a coffee snob. No seriously. I grind it fresh every morning in my kitchen—and I’d rather have no coffee than bad coffee.
  23. I can’t wiggle my ears or touch my tongue to my nose, but two of my kids can wiggle their ears (and one can touch her tongue to her nose).
  24. My shoe size, ring size and dress size are all the same number—which also happens to be my favorite number of all time—seven.
  25. I know every word and inflection to Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby—and I have impressed many people with my karaoke version of that classic 90s anthem. Ironically, it’s also the song that was playing when I got into the most serious car accident of my life as a high schooler. (No, I wasn’t driving).
  26. I prefer my left hand for writing and eating and my right for throwing and cutting, but I’m technically ambidextrous.
  27. I have impressed many men with my ability to drive a stick shift.
  28. I once pissed off Anderson Co0per and got a good tweet-lashing for it. I wasn’t even remotely upset when it happened—just excited that Anderson Cooper was following me and tweeted me personally. I wrote about it a couple of times, actually. Great story.
  29. My husband was adopted by his parents after being found in a phone booth in Kansas City as a newborn in 1972. I’ve been looking for his birth parents for more than 10 years and have even done a DNA test in an attempt to find them. No luck yet, but we did learn that he’s related to Marilyn Monroe. So that was cool.
  30. I got my driver’s license on the first try—but to be fair, I did not have to parallel park as part of my test.
  31. I grew up in a small town and still have a bit of a small-town mentality—at least on a personal level—but thanks to suburban life for the last 15 years, I can still function like a city girl.
  32. I can make almost anyone understand almost anything if I want to.
  33. We have two cats in our house. I have a very clear favorite, and I’m not ashamed of it. But I do pretend to love them both the same, if they ask.
  34. I have a tendency to remember long strings of numbers (social security numbers, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.) but sometimes I forget what I had for lunch.
  35. I can play several instruments from the woodwind, brass and percussion families. Or at least I used to be able to.
  36. Most of my friends in college were music majors because I was in the marching band, which showed up two weeks before the rest of the school in order to go to band camp. Yes, I went to band camp.
  37. Before I wanted to be a journalist, I wanted to be an artist. But my mother told me artists didn’t make any money when I was 6—so I changed my mind.
  38. I might be the least judgmental person you’ve ever met.
  39. I was almost accidentally killed by a bubble bath—in a Jacuzzi. Don’t ask.
  40. I’ve had three c-sections even though I wanted to have  a more standard birth. Apparently “child-bearing hips” is a myth.
  41. I believe in breastfeeding, but I never push my agenda on anyone else. I just believe it was the right choice for me.
  42. I’m done having kids and I knew it as soon as I got pregnant with my third. I had my doctor ensure it for me right after she was born. No regrets.
  43. I study human behavior and am by nature an empath—which is both a blessing and a curse.
  44. I can spot a spelling, grammar or punctuation error from a mile away.
  45. I can tell by the way a person writes whether English is a first language or not—even when their English is impeccable.
  46. I work from home or wherever I am. I love it.
  47. I am a huge fashion nerd—I study the trends each season and catalogue my existing wardrobe before creating a strategic shopping list to update my wardrobe.
  48. I’m a cheapskate who loves the finer things in life. It’s made me more creative and thanks to my mad research skills and a good internet connection, comparison shopping is a sport.
  49. I feel lost/naked without my smartphone.
  50. I am an Android girl.